Lazy Summer & Gencon 2017

It's been a minute since my last post. There was a lot I wanted to work on this summer and I've barely touched any of it. The truth is I tend to jump from project to project and between that and working at Kingdom Death I haven't got much Eye of Tree stuff done.

However I haven't been totally useless and I've dabbled in a lot of little projects this summer:

Neural Networks

I've been messing around with some neural networks and machine learning. It's a topic I've been interested in for a while and dipping my feet in only makes me want to learn more. So far I've mostly been cloning github repos and running them on a google cloud server but it's a start. So far my favorite has been this natural language neural network. is a project that started as a single piece I did last year for an art show. You can still view that piece there by hitting 'f' in google chrome and giving the site access to your webcam. It looks something like this:

Since this first project my interest in generative art has grown and I've made a couple other projects under the same domain such as one that produces images like this from small thumbnails:

The next step for is to make a user friendly front page to act a directory for all the projects.

I worked on a few other things this summer but those will pop up later...


I'll be attending GENCON as part of my job working for Kingdom Death. Hopefully I'll get some downtime to check out some artists and games I've been want to see. If you're reading this and GENCON hasn't happened yet come check out the Kingdom Death booth. We've been working hard to make it super cool this year and even if you don't plan on buying anything it will be worth stopping by.

Anyways that's all for now. I'm going to keep working hard at trying to work hard on Eye of Tree related projects instead of just whatever project falls in my laps. Thanks for reading.

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