New Project

With my creative energy kind of drained with Faerex I decided to temporarily jump ship to a much simpler project. This new project is also a card game but with a much smaller scope and less serious world building involved which I think will help me actually complete it. Funnily enough, I started work on Faerex with similar intentions but I allowed myself to let the idea grow and while I'm happy with what it's become it is just too big for me to complete right now.

This new project is a simple competitive player card game in a cyberpunk setting. Gameplay is roughly based on classic fighting games like Tekken, Guilty Gear, and Street Fighter. I've been looking at a lot of existing games and I think my take on the subject will bring something new to the table.

I've already started working with an illustrator to get started on the art for the game. This may seem premature but in reality seeing new art coming in motivates me and helps flesh out the game's characters. I've been working with the illustrator Tim Liljefors and so far everything he has created looks amazing and totally fits in my vision for this new game.

With everything else I've got going on this project has been keeping me on track and giving me something to look forward to. I can't wait to share more soon.

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