World Building: Personally & Professionally

It's been over a year since I founded Eye of Tree and started working on Faerex. A lot has happened since then. I haven't been as productive as I would have liked but bit by bit I trudge forward.

I've moved back to NYC, so I'm no longer splitting my time between two states which is a nice change of pace. Currently, I'm working pretty much full time for Kingdom Death cutting models digitally and 3D printing masters for casting. They also have me working on some other odds and ends some of which I can't talk about.

While there are still other distractions in my life I'm gearing up to get back into development. Recently, I've gone back to the drawing when it comes to the world/setting for Faerex. This has been a huge help for actual game dev because it helps inform my choices about how the game works and feels.

A big decision I made was that while Faerex will still be set in a semi-fantasy world the themes will be overtly cyberpunk. This theme/setting combo has already gotten my brain whirring away. Figuring out how to take classic cyberpunk tropes and apply them to a fantasy setting is no easy task. One of my recent ideas revolves around the trope of mass surveillance.

For now I'm going to continue to work on the game, build the world, and keep my eye out for artists I'd like to work with when the time comes.

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